Get Real

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I back up my computer, just like you’re supposed to, and agonize over the possibility of losing “everything” just like you.   “Lose everything?”   Hmmm….what do we really have to lose? I have to giggle at this machine , this ridiculous false sense of meaningfulness, because, hello, I’m going to leave this insanely brilliant planet, … Read More

Tick Tock

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      Tick tock.   Cells dying, cells renewing.   People leaving.   Tick tock.   Cicadas chirping.   Flowers blooming only to be folded back into blood stained earth.   Tick tock.   Me and the world and those ticking clocks; relentlessly ticking clocks.  Some clocks I care about; my husband’s, my daughter’s, … Read More

Lovett Me

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When I walk the pier and stand, my face to the sea, the breeze dances salt on my lips. The whitecaps are Jackson Pollack; unpredictable rhythm. The wind whispers Ohm. I am everything and nothing. I am love. I am.   When I walk to the apron of the stage and stand, my face to … Read More

Stop Time

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Everything one needs to know one can learn from a musical. I’m testing out this theory, and the first song that comes to mind is Stop Time from the musical Big. You won’t be surprised by that, I’m sure, when you learn that my oldest daughter is graduating from college next weekend. Stop Time. My … Read More

Back To Before

May 3, 2016By susannahmarsUncategorized 2 Comments

  This blog post title is a red herring. Back to Before is the title of a wonderful song from the musical Ragtime, by Stephen Flaherty Lynn Ahrens and Terrence McNally. I woke up this morning thinking about who’s come before me as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. When I played Parthy in Showboat at … Read More

An Adventure in Artslandia

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What a great chat with Adrienne Flagg, her piece NOTE TO SELF is a journey into unwinding the ridiculous way in which we separate ourselves by age. I’ve never felt “my age.” (Well, maybe only when I stay up too late and get up too early, but maybe even 20 year olds feel my age … Read More

Extraordinary Views

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Adventures in Artslandia; Oh Behave! Part Deux!

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In Adventures in Artslandia today we continue the conversation on etiquette failure in Portland, including responsibility of producers to prepare audiences, including young audiences. Join Jerry Tischleder, Cynthia Fuhrman, Kate Sokoloff, Laura Faye Smith and Susannah Mars. Adventures in Artslandia; Etiquette Failure in Portland Theatre; Part Deux! Listen to the podcast!   Look for new … Read More