12 February



  Today I dipped my spoon into the sugar bowl and brought it toward my chai tea, fresh ginger spicy, the scent entering my nose as I drew it to my cup. As I did, a thin stream of sugar poured, gentle and sparkling, from my spoon onto the counter  toward the cup, and then my hand […]

4 January

Save Me Downward Dog!


My first downward dog of 2017 has happened. Creating space in my spine might as well be my only New Year’s resolution this year, and if I could stick to that simple goal I’d be set. This year, though, screams for more. Space in my spine, more breath, I know that those things could see me through the […]

11 October

Once More Unto the Breach Dear Friends


  Sunday night I hopped in the car at five o’clock to get to an audition in Tigard. It was rainy, rainy, rainy; buckets coming down, and trucks were racing down I-5 leaving tidal wave sized wakes inundating my Honda. On the radio the presidential debate was imminent, and that added to the tension. I […]

4 October

Watches Say The Darndest Things


  I was driving into town today, I had an errand that precluded me from riding my beloved MAX, and my i watch (is that what it’s called?) told me to get back to writing. I DO NOT KNOW how or why my watch went into semi dictation mode, and relayed to me, bits and […]

26 September

In Whom Do We Trust?


        Everything I learned in school is….?   So Thanksgiving.  What the hell really happened there? A friendly get together?  A warm sharing of resources? An exchange filled with suspicion? A tete a tete?  A battle?   Leave it to theatre to open the door to that question. Thank god I’m a […]

20 September

Better Angels


    Me and my better angels took the MAX from Gresham yesterday, and I sat in the single seat. Waaaaay up front. They could barely squeeze in. I disappointed them right off the bat. You can’t really see anyone to trust if you’re sitting in that seat, and how am I going to challenge […]

19 September

It’s A Matter Of Trust


    “Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   I’m going there, full blown conspiracy theory. This election is taking me there, it’s a worn and creaking giant slide, pressed plastic at a traveling carnival; up, down, up, down. Fast, slow, fast, slow. From a distance smooth; […]

15 September

The Impossible Dream


        A woman is inside a suit of armor. I am sensitive. I’m very sensitive. I am in a constant state of emotional surveillance. She looks around, the armor is squeaky. Can someone help me? She waits until someone comes up, and keeps repeating the line until they do. Just open up […]

7 September

None Of Your Business


    Today trust; I’ve got to trust in my artistic process, which is…what… I’m Type A! This is hard.  I’ve got to fight my Type A.  Time to build a paper airplane maybe? Funny, isn’t it, when I’m on my way to work at NW Dance Project I find 1001 ways to PROCRASTINATE?! It’s […]

5 September

Looking for Love In All the Right Places


You just never know how love and kindness is going to show up right? So I start out on my Max ride then I get on that #20 bus (which one of my seat mates told me was the slowest bus there is) to meet my friend Rick Lewis for lunch, and I had all […]