The Wearin’ o’ the Green

March 17, 2023By susannahmarsUncategorized

Good mourning Have you made an error that was so glaring that you couldn’t believe you made it at all? We’ve created the trailer for Mourning Has Broken, and if you can support us in the home stretch, the Go Fund Me is live. That said, there wasn’t an audio description on the trailer first … Read More

Opening the Heart

February 11, 2023By susannahmarsUncategorized

My dear collaborators Merideth Kaye Clark and Stephanie Lynne Smith and I have been working away, busy rehearsing Hey Old Friends. We will play at Wilfs Restaurant on February 24th. We’re expanding our initial show that sold out at ReSound NW: A Place to Sing, and I am beginning to learn “The Road You Didn’t … Read More

The Eyes of My Daruma Doll

January 10, 2023By susannahmarsUncategorized

Happy New Year Lots of friends are celebrating the arrival of the 2023rd year of the Common Era or Anno Domini. Some will celebrate the Lunar New Year in the Spring, Rosh Hashanah in the Fall, Nowruz in the Spring, Pahela Baisakhi in April, or Diwali in the Fall. Recently, my daughter gave me a … Read More

December Deep Dive

December 11, 2022By susannahmarsUncategorized

Sing, sing-a-song Above I’m sharing another crosshatch drawing by Meadow, my mentee from Family of Friends. Meadow’s art is essential to our animated short documentary, Mourning Has Broken. The Alt ID beneath it is for blind and low-vision folks. Innovative audio description and closed captions will be created for our final film. It will be … Read More

Everything Is Art

October 4, 2022By susannahmarsUncategorized

Above I’m sharing two cross-hatch drawings by my mentee from Family of Friends, Meadow. Meadow’s art is essential to our animated short documentary, Mourning Has Broken, for which we are in the final throes of fundraising. These drawings have Alt ID for blind and low vision folks. The audio description will be featured in our … Read More

Everything Is Connected

September 13, 2022By susannahmarsUncategorized

Hello treasured friends. This is a strange and winding road, this life. This summer, my family and I traveled to Normandy, France. The photo above is of Etrétat, a picturesque town there. I first fell in love with Etrétat watching Lupin on Netflix, based on Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar. My obsession with French … Read More

Love For All — Unobstructed

July 11, 2022By susannahmarsUncategorized

Hello treasured friends. This month my bedside reading is Living From A Place of Surrender; The Untethered Soul in Action. Michael Singer, the author, reads the audiobook. The book continues to inspire me to “Let it go! Let it go!” (Insert Frozen soundtrack here!) And to live in the wonder of this miraculous planet. I … Read More

Connecting … Hell yes!

June 11, 2022By susannahmarsUncategorized

Essentialism by Greg McKeown. Hello treasured friends. This month my bedside open book, both audio and hard copy, is Essentialism by Greg McKeown. Questions marinate as I drift to sleepI have an embarrassment of riches. When I was culling construction paper for the show, We Live Here at Hand2Mouth Theatre, I brought a stack of … Read More

My Life Is an Open Book

May 9, 2022By susannahmarsUncategorized

This idea of blogging and connecting to folks by sharing my thoughts seems awfully one-sided, to say the least. Although as a working artist, especially innovating We Live Here with Hand2Mouth Theatre, my job is creating pathways to deeply connect with my audience, and that might be you. So it is to that end— the joy … Read More