Shake it Off!

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SHAKE IT OFF! I can’t stay up too late. Nothing stays inside my brain Feeling old is pretty lame (ooh ohh) So fuckin’ lame (ooh ohh) One guy has my whole heart We said Till death do us part Till death do us part (ooh ooh) Till death do us part (ooh ooh) But I … Read More

Dear Universe

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Dear Universe, I’m learning something big.  And by the by, universe, I would have appreciated learning this a little bit earlier, if you really want to know. Crap; you’re the universe, so you already know what there is to know. Whatever!   Hello?   Are you out there?   Universe?   I can’t keep second … Read More

There Once Was A Little Fish

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Noel Coward; the little fish years This just in from one of our three precious guppies; Voni Kengla: The set for Blithe Spirit is so cozy and it makes you feel right at home. It’s perfect for the holiday season! So excited to perform on it for Noel at Noel! We staged the concert during our … Read More

Artists Rep In Concert Series

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  On Saturday morning, bright and early we gathered for our first Noel at Noel concert rehearsal.  We are rehearsing for the first concert in a new series at Artists Rep titled:  Artists Rep In Concert.  I’m curating this series at Artists Rep and have gathered a top drawer group of collaborators; Rick Lewis is … Read More

Bruised, Bent, and Unbroken

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My heart is full with these past thirty six hours. Thirty six hours with my twenty one year old daughter. Thirty six hours to take her in, head to toe, mind to mind, heart to heart. Watching this young woman take in her education, her friendships, and the care of her mind and body is … Read More