A cross-hatched style drawing of Jenny, a woman with short hair in her forties, peeks to the side and smiles.
Our animator Jenny

Good mourning

Have you made an error that was so glaring that you couldn’t believe you made it at all?

We’ve created the trailer for Mourning Has Broken, and if you can support us in the home stretch, the Go Fund Me is live. That said, there wasn’t an audio description on the trailer first loaded on our GoFundMe page. An audio-described film without an audio-described trailer? Nope. Lucky for me, my mentor, Cheryl Green, caught my oversight, and we have the new trailer up with AD and closed captions. Once we are fully funded — and the film is complete at the end of this Spring — we will be screening it and sharing stories of those we’ve loved and lost. And the film we were inspired to make will encourage others to make art from stories of their loves.

Bridging the bridge

This month I made another visit to Dr. Christopher Benfield’s class at The Washington State School for the Blind. I enjoyed chatting with students about Audio Description with my teacher and colleague Colleen Connor. I continue to repeat the phrase “Nothing about us without us,” which I first heard Amy Amantea say. Facilitating the education of blind and low-vision youth about careers in Audio Description, both writing and narrating, is an honor. Here’s a link if you’d like to know more about volunteering at WSSB. Maybe you have a job to share with those fine students?

You can also volunteer to share your hobbies or interests. My daughter Kate and I volunteered as ski guides at Mt. Hood Meadows. That ski area provides the athletes with equipment and an instructor for those who need a lesson. Our athlete experienced skiing for the first time, so we were matched with an instructor. We took things slow and laughed a lot! So, if you are a jock or you like to fancy yourself one, the Northwest Association for Blind Athletes has a variety of opportunities for volunteering in sports. Kate and I plan to volunteer at the WSSB Track Meet in May. Join us!

Grief has its way with me daily, and this poem resonates. Thank you Samira Vivette.

How special to have a memory
that is triggered by
a scent, a song,
a subtle change
in the wind.

How soul-crushing
the realization
we cannot control
when they emerge
and how ruthless
they hit.

Sing a song

Finally — insert massive sigh of relief here — Merideth Kaye Clark, Stephanie Lynne Smith, and I had our Sondheim concert at the Bridgetown Conservatory. It went beautifully, and the audience was deeply appreciative of our interpretations of the work of Mr. S. One sent, “Wow…bravo, bravo, bravo – last night!! That was incredible!” The road to the evening was bumpy. We had a cancellation due to snow, yet we sold out again, which was terrific. At the end of the night, I mentioned how grateful I continue to be for those who support my artistic colleagues and me by attending performances. It is meaningful.

Here are some of Stephanie and Merideth’s upcoming performances. First, Siren Songs Seasons series, Merideth’s duo with the brilliant Jenn Grinels, and Stephanie’s website, which is chock full of offerings. Stephanie and I will be at the first concert of Siren Songs’ series, Spring. Meet us there! And you will have another opportunity to hear us sing Mr. Sondheim at Clackamas Repertory Theatre on September 10th. This an excellent opportunity to plan; we sold out our last concert at Clackamas pretty quickly!

St. Paddy’s Day

The aspect of St Patrick’s Day I like the most are all the different accents. My dear dad Kenneth Mars used to call me with crossword clues to help me through the NY Times crosswords.

Here’s a special treat from March o’ 2010.