Susannah Mars as Mrs. Lovett and David Pittsinger as Sweeney Todd. Photo: Cory Weaver.

"My second take-away: Susannah Mars is a beast of an actress/singer. She ruled as Mrs. Lovett, the sociopathic pie purveyor. Moving from sung to spoken dialogue seamlessly, naturally, and fluidly, Mars embodied this very complex woman - from hilarious and punny, to poignant, to murderous, just like a fully fleshed character should! No hint of caricature, a brilliant incarnation by Mars.”
Nan Knight HaemerNorthwest Reverb

There are those actors who inhabit their roles so completely and honestly that the audience simply must enter the world of their performance, singers who communicate in a manner that’s so direct and deeply connected to what they're feeling that the audience is swept away by the experience. Susannah is both.
-Christopher Mattaliano; General Director, Portland Opera

Susannah Mars wins the prize for combined vocal and acting skills: from within her personal bubble on stage she held us with facial and physical attributes and then bursts through with vocal strength and agility.
- DARYL BROWNE , Oregon Arts Watch
Mars is vocally astute, and she's also wonderful at comedy, portraying Lovett as a screeching songstress accompanying herself on the piano, or an ambitious pie-shop owner, slapping dough so vigorously that flour flies into the air.
-Holly Johnson, Oregon Arts Watch