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26 September

In Whom Do We Trust?


        Everything I learned in school is….?   So Thanksgiving.  What the hell really happened there? A friendly get together?  A warm sharing of resources? An exchange filled with suspicion? A tete a tete?  A battle?   Leave it to theatre to open the door to that question. Thank god I’m a […]

20 September

Better Angels


    Me and my better angels took the MAX from Gresham yesterday, and I sat in the single seat. Waaaaay up front. They could barely squeeze in. I disappointed them right off the bat. You can’t really see anyone to trust if you’re sitting in that seat, and how am I going to challenge […]

19 September

It’s A Matter Of Trust


    “Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   I’m going there, full blown conspiracy theory. This election is taking me there, it’s a worn and creaking giant slide, pressed plastic at a traveling carnival; up, down, up, down. Fast, slow, fast, slow. From a distance smooth; […]