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19 September

GOOD GRIEF; I’m working on GOOD GRIEF!


I love this picture of dad singing LET’S MISBEHAVE on the cast album of The Beaumont Version of Anything Goes. He met Cole Porter when he did that show, Cole passed away some two years later. I’m listening to the sound cues Richard Moore has helped me build for GOOD GRIEF, and they are fantastic. […]

18 September

Forty years? What?!?!


Well, when it rains it pours. I received this note yesterday from a dear friend: You’ve been on my mind this week as we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Young Frankenstein. We had an anniversary screening at the academy last week with Mel, Cloris and Teri in attendance. Great stories of your dad were shared […]

17 September

Knock, knock, who’s there? Dad!


Working away on GOOD GRIEF, which is a good thing considering there is the second presentation on September 29th at Artists Rep at 7:30pm, in case you want to know. I’m in the midst of reinvigorating my voiceover work, simultaneously, and crazily or luckily, or dad worked this all out from wherever he is, I […]