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4 January

Save Me Downward Dog!


My first downward dog of 2017 has happened. Creating space in my spine might as well be my only New Year’s resolution this year, and if I could stick to that simple goal I’d be set. This year, though, screams for more. Space in my spine, more breath, I know that those things could see me through the […]

11 October

Once More Unto the Breach Dear Friends


  Sunday night I hopped in the car at five o’clock to get to an audition in Tigard. It was rainy, rainy, rainy; buckets coming down, and trucks were racing down I-5 leaving tidal wave sized wakes inundating my Honda. On the radio the presidential debate was imminent, and that added to the tension. I […]

4 October

Watches Say The Darndest Things


  I was driving into town today, I had an errand that precluded me from riding my beloved MAX, and my i watch (is that what it’s called?) told me to get back to writing. I DO NOT KNOW how or why my watch went into semi dictation mode, and relayed to me, bits and […]