I can’t help but think of my mom, here in the city that never sleeps.  How thrilling that she attended The Julliard School.  I cannot wait to dive into some of her stories, including her job on the national tour of The Sound Of Music.

Here’s one she told me the other night:


When I was singing in clubs (in the village) there was a cute little man who owned one of the clubs, and every time a man came in looking sort of..huh…what’s the word…he looked like a gonif,

(non Jews, read on, Jews skip)

Noun 1. goniff – (Yiddish) a thief or dishonest person or scoundrel (often used as a general term of abuse)

Yiddish – a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
offenderwrongdoer – a person who transgresses moral or civil law*
*thank you The Free Dictionary

and he’d say to me, “he stole twenty five fur coats last week, and they’re in the back, would you like a fur coat?”  “And there was another club I was in, my uncle Willie came in to see me, a small funny looking club, no stage.  Uncle Will kept  making faces at me,  I couldn’t wait until he left.

After he left the owner was going to give me some sad amount, like $25.

And I said, Uncle Will doesn’t like my singing, and the owner came running at me with a knife and said “I like you!”

“I ran home very quickly that night.”




  • Hey Sis,
    I helped Mom read these! She laughed, she cried, she will put together all the apropos words to describe how she felt while reading your entries, and I’ll type them in for her.
    For me, words cannot begin to describe my gratitude to you for bringing mom into the cyber world, and dragging me into it along with her!
    So lay mon!

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