Looking for Love In All the Right Places

Posted on Sep 5, 2016

You just never know how love and kindness is going to show up right? So I start out on my Max ride then I get on that #20 bus (which one of my seat mates told me was the slowest bus there is) to meet my friend Rick Lewis for lunch, and I had all sorts of plans for the rest of my day; basically my looking around to provide someone with love and kindness. I had a couple of cool episodes; the fact is love and kindness is teeny tiny. It’s “A Quiet Thing” as Kander and Ebb once said. It’s tiny slivers of smiles, and a nod, and taking a solid looking around. So, I ran into my friend James Dixon on the bus; it was funny, I thought, geez, who is that guy who just walked passed me and sat on the seat next to me? He smells very good, and it was James, so that was nice. But then what ended up happening was completely different from what I had thought would happen. Like I said, it’s a quiet thing. It can sneak up on you. My mom in law Milly (probably the most remarkable mom in law there ever was, and a quiet love and kindness kind of gal) she called me while I was having lunch with Rick and asked me where I was, and I told her, and she offered to come pick me up downtown so I didn’t have to ride the bus. Now it’s a long drive for her to do that and at first I really resisted, then it hit me: “Wait a minute I’m riding the bus and doing my love and kindness thing but sometimes love and kindness comes your way, and unless you say yes to it, then you’re not really doing love and kindness. (suddenly I’m very philosophical) I realized Milly wants to pick me up and it will give her a break from being home and actually she might want to do it and it might be good to surrender and let her provide the love and kindness and that is a way to provide love and kindness is to let someone else give it to you. An epiphany. So I’m on the corner at Washington and 2nd waiting for my mother-in-law to pick me up. And of course if you know her at all, and if you have seen any of my shows on opening night I’m sure you do, because she’s never ever missed one or if she has it’s only been one over 28 years, she is the epitome of love and kindness. So she picks me up and off we go to Fred Meyer, grocery shopping, and we pick up a birthday present for her, and we have fun talking to our checker, and there you have it. Love and kindness, it just fell out of the sky.

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