Knock, knock, who’s there? Dad!

Posted on Sep 17, 2014
Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Working away on GOOD GRIEF, which is a good thing considering there is the second presentation on September 29th at Artists Rep at 7:30pm, in case you want to know. I’m in the midst of reinvigorating my voiceover work, simultaneously, and crazily or luckily, or dad worked this all out from wherever he is, I met up, phone wise, with Pat Fraley today. I had no idea that he and dad had been friends, I was just signing up for a class he was teaching in Seattle. He is a voiceover guru. He told me two incredible stories about dad and my heart was full listening to him and how much he cared for and admired dad. “Ken would go out there,” he said. He regaled the story of how dad was fired from The Paul Lynde Show. Playing a dentist, they went in to do a shot, and to be funny, dad turned on the drill. Paul Lynde was furious, and fired dad. I remembered feeling so humiliated that dad was fired, but in Pat’s telling I was reminded that Paul Lynde was tyrannical, and that dad had the entire crew in stitches and was being hilarious. I think Mr. Lynde was not happy to have that level of competition in the funny department. Dad was some funny. Missing this face (see above) deeply.

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  1. Susan Newman
    September 18, 2014

    do you need t get tickets to Sept.29 show in advance?

    Thank you
    Susan Newman


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