In Whom Do We Trust?

Posted on Sep 26, 2016






Everything I learned in school is….?


So Thanksgiving.  What the hell really happened there?

A friendly get together?  A warm sharing of resources?

An exchange filled with suspicion? A tete a tete?  A battle?


Leave it to theatre to open the door to that question. Thank god I’m a theatre artist, and thank you Larissa FastHorse.


I remember writing, years ago, that everything I learned I learned in a musical, and I can now extend that sentiment into playwriting and, well, contemporary literature. These genres are blowing the sides off the hermetically sealed history that I learned in public school. The ground beneath my feet feels as though it is shifting, and it is beginning to become clear that what I thought was the bedrock of our American story; the “truth,” is far from it, if there is truth at all.

There are stories. I know that much.  What does it mean if the United States of America that I know and love is predicated on stories, that while true for some, leave out half, or more of the whole story?


I feel as though I’ve been wronged, and I imagine I’m not the only one.


Tonight will be the first presidential debate, and I’m afraid.

I am afraid that it will discourage me in the fact that neither candidate will tell the truth.

I am afraid that neither candidate will tell me WHO THEY ARE and what they actually stand for.

I am afraid that neither will be able to honesty address the issues that clearly show our system of this Republic to be broken, and that neither are interested in beginning to clean up the messes that greed and corruption have created.
Human behavior is strange right? The fact is that all of us have the capacity to be corrupt and greedy. How we stifle these urges for the common good is different for all, with varying degrees of success.


Is it possible that once we agree that all people are inherently alike, and have the same capacities for good and less than good, that we can move forward to make this country equitable?


This idea that there are “bad” people in the world helps us make sense of things, I guess, keep things manageable in our heads, but in the end, it keeps us from the accountability of each of us to take a stand toward justice for all.  Everyone.



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