GOOD GRIEF; I’m working on GOOD GRIEF!

Posted on Sep 19, 2014
Dad sings LET'S MISBEHAVE with Eileen Rodgers

Dad sings LET’S MISBEHAVE with Eileen Rodgers

I love this picture of dad singing LET’S MISBEHAVE on the cast album of The Beaumont Version of Anything Goes. He met Cole Porter when he did that show, Cole passed away some two years later.
I’m listening to the sound cues Richard Moore has helped me build for GOOD GRIEF, and they are fantastic. Grant Byington, Don Crossley and Mariel Sierra recount stories of their father’s lives and deaths and excerpts from those interviews are expertly woven into music. Richard is a genius.
Now, whether they work in the piece is to be seen on September 29th, at Artists Rep at 7:30pm.
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