Bruised, Bent, and Unbroken

Posted on Sep 21, 2014

My heart is full with these past thirty six hours. Thirty six hours with my twenty one year old daughter. Thirty six hours to take her in, head to toe, mind to mind, heart to heart. Watching this young woman take in her education, her friendships, and the care of her mind and body is more inspiring than I could have ever imagined. She gets it. Life is messy. She loves life. “It’s all good, mom,” is her mantra. Some days I can’t get my own head around that, but she’s slowly convincing me. Her presence convinces me. Needless to say, I feel fortunate. Life and death’s afforded me 3-D lessons with THX in what it’s all about. I’m guessing opening and loving are key pieces of the puzzle. Loving, any way, and any one, you can. Every moment. I falter. I recover. When he was lying in bed, dying, he told me; “Having you girls was the best thing I ever did.” I share that sentiment about another pair of young women. I will tell him I know; that ache is a new appendage. I am bruised, bent, and unbroken. It’s all good.
Having you girls is the best thing I ever did!

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