Get Real

August 22, 2016By susannahmarsUncategorized No Comments

I back up my computer, just like you’re supposed to, and agonize over the possibility of losing “everything” just like you.   “Lose everything?”   Hmmm….what do we really have to lose? I have to giggle at this machine , this ridiculous false sense of meaningfulness, because, hello, I’m going to leave this insanely brilliant planet, … Read More

Tick Tock

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      Tick tock.   Cells dying, cells renewing.   People leaving.   Tick tock.   Cicadas chirping.   Flowers blooming only to be folded back into blood stained earth.   Tick tock.   Me and the world and those ticking clocks; relentlessly ticking clocks.  Some clocks I care about; my husband’s, my daughter’s, … Read More