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Finding this photo of my gorgeous mom, taken in Italy, in the early ’60’s was an absolute delight.  I am thinking about her travels, as a newlywed, with my dad.  There was hope and joy in her heart as she looked to the future.  This is giving me such insight into Margaret Johnson’s experience as … Read More


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Oh geez, another one for dad…this is a doozy. Way back when I was a kid, (not that way back) my dad and mom were involved with a movement called primal therapy.  Now I don’t  think I’m going to go into a detailed account of what that is, I don’t think I could accurately depict … Read More

The Word That Shall Not Be Used

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Dead. I hate that word. I do. I don’t think I hated it before my dad ____ (past tense of the word that shan’t again be used), but I don’t remember. Before, I think I always used the word “____” when describing someone who had ____. (see above past tense) The Academy Awards “In Memoriam” … Read More