New Year’s Resolutions

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I’m not part of a large family. Both of my parents are (were) only children, and had acrimonious relationships with their relatives; we had spotty interactions with them, at best. My husband’s family isn’t large either.  By the time I joined his family his grandparents had passed away, and although he had, and still has, … Read More

Bonus Track; Snow in Seattle

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Yeah, right, all you good drivers…whatever…yeah, that’s YOU Matt Shimkus! So I decided to put on makeup driving down a hill when it was icy… So I made a u turn over a double double yellow at rush hour… You are all a bunch of showoffs… Whatever… You’re all just dissing on other drivers who … Read More

A Series Of Awkward Events

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Working as an actor is fascinating to me.  Exploring a story’s place on the timeline of history, including politics, religion, socioeconomic and gender issues and how those facts impact human behavior?  Incredible. I adore research and diving deep into the heart of characters and situations with other people who like to do the same thing. … Read More

We Are Family; November 27th

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I picked up the New York Times today on the way home from Los Angeles, and the Science Section was devoted to the subject of the ever changing definition and composition of the modern American family. How apropos, as I was leaving my loved ones who live in Burbank; my mom, my sister, her husband … Read More