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I am having an amazing time creating a timeline for a series of plays. I am curious about the interconnectivity of these plays, and want to compare them by looking at the time they are set, or by comparing references within. Here is my first EUREKA!, and it is a reference to the people of … Read More

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

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My darling friend Jacklyn Maddux gave me a book, A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness, which I, moments ago, finished, and I’m a bit dazed. It’s about a boy whose mother is dying of cancer. THANKS JACKLYN! No, really, it does merit thanks. We’re all dying, right? Someone said, probably quite a few people, that … Read More

Bring Back The Nasty

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I am hesitant to title this blog post “Bring Back The Nasty’;” I’m afraid of the responses that it might inspire…oh well, it was mom’s idea. She thinks that she only happens upon good movies at night, on television, if she isn’t nasty. She censors herself 24/7, and is always bright and cheery in the … Read More

The Getty Villa

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It was the Getty Villa Family Festival, and set up in front of the amphitheater was a Mt. Vesuvius cut out. We took our picture, and off we went.  It was easy to maneuver throughout the museum with the wheelchair, and there is a TINY, and I mean, possibly a three person, elevator to take … Read More

Love and Death

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October 15, 2013 I’m learning a new song. Anytime (I’ll Be There) written by William Finn. Rick Lewis told me that I should be singing it, and I knew it, from the Elegies CD. I think I had been consciously avoiding it, it being unabashedly sung by a person who is dead. Now that I’m … Read More

Today’s the day!

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Today I’m starting my blog. Low expectations, for now, but later, the sky’s the limit! Come see Fiddler On The Roof at Portland Center Stage thru November 3rd.  Audiences are loving it.